School Uniform

All year round:

  • Blue sweat shirts or cardigans with the Belmore logo
  • Grey or black trousers or skirts
  • White shirts, blouses or collared T shirts
  • Plain blue, black or white hijab
  • White, grey or black socks
  • Black shoes or black trainers

For summer (or children may choose to stay in the ‘all year round’ uniform above):

  • Blue and white check or stripe summer dresses for girls or knee length short trousers. (Not shorts)
  • Black or grey short trousers for boys (not shorts)
  • Sensible/safe sandals (children run around at playtime – so not slip-ons)

For PE:

  • Black shorts or black footless leggings and white T shirts (long or short  sleeved)
  • Black plimsoles for PE in KS1
  • Black plimsoles or trainers in KS2 (these must be different from day time shoes)
  • Belmore blue or black plain track suits or track suit bottoms may only be worn for outdoor PE in winter