Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice is extremely important at Belmore Primary School. We listen to our children talk about the work they do in school, things they like about school and things they would like to develop/improve in school. Our vision is to make our pupils school experience the best it can be! Our vision is to have our pupils, through pupil voice and our school council, work with our staff team so they have a clear impact and influence within school and the experiences and outcomes for our children.

We have carried out pupil voice activities around a range of subjects – Maths, Writing, PSHE, Music, and RE.

Here are some of our pupil’s quotes:

How does your teacher help you?
Miss Pantoll sits at my table and helps me write my sentence by saying the words with me.

Do you like writing?
I like writing. Yes it’s my favourite thing. My favourite piece is here when I used pale blue, hazy blue to describe the sky.

What have you learnt that you didn’t know before?
I have learnt how to use semi-colons correctly.

Do you like PSHE? Why?
I like PSHE. Yes because sometimes we get to colouring in and cutting out too. My favourite topic was Making Choices because it could help with your behaviour - making good and bad choices. A good choice I make is being kind to people.

Can you tell me a new word you have learnt and what it means?
Responsible means you're being really nice with your friends - organs are part of your body - brain, heart, stomach.

Gender means boy or girl; Consequence means you made a bad choice.