Your teacher is: Ms Webb
Email: reception@belmore.school

Teacher Bio

Favourite subject at school and why: Reading, because I love to find out about new characters and different places.  I still read every day.

Favourite children's book you have read: Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. This was one of the first books I remember reading in Junior school, all by myself. I love it because although Mr Fox is sly and very crafty, he is there for his family.

What topics are you looking forward to teaching next year: Our amazing projects, one of my most favourites is Sunshine and flowers.  During this project we are able to be outside, learning lots of new things in our garden. We grow plants, flowers and vegetables. We get to watch these grow from seeds into beautiful plants, but we have to look after them well! Sometimes we get a bit messy, covered in mud as we have to dig up weeds too!

Any other info: I love animals, I have two little dogs, that I adore. They can be a bit naughty, but so much fun and are lovely to cuddle up to after a long day at school.

Fact File

Name: Poppy

Scientific Name: Papaver rhoeas

About: Poppies are very colourful annual flowers, whose petals are as delicate as tissue paper.  You can sow the seeds in early October and they will flower in the summer. This plant is an annual and it can reach 60cm tall

Did you know: Wearing a poppy is a show of support for the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families. They are largely worn in Autumn in the UK as a symbol of remembrence .