With the world becoming an increasing more complex place in which to live, we at Belmore intend to deliver a PSHRE curriculum that enables all pupils to become independent, confident, responsible, healthy members of the wider community.

Our curriculum is accessible to all pupils and builds upon the understanding of how we develop personally, socially and emotionally. We will explore moral, cultural and social issues, rights and responsibilities, health and wellbeing including relationships that are part of making a rich diverse society for all to live in. We will encourage and welcome discussions on a wide range of subjects, which include Medicines/Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and LGBTQ issues.

Throughout different times of the year some elements of the curriculum, such as, a visit from the Life Bus (keeping healthy), E safety and RSE (Relationships and Sex education, in years 5 & 6) are taught by highly trained and skilled professionals from Coram/Hillingdon Life Education.

At the same time, we will promote our school values of Kindness, Resilience, Readiness to Work, Activeness and Aspirations as well as upholding the fundamental British Values, giving the children a voice in which they are given opportunities to influence the decisions which will affect them.

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