Your teacher is: Mr Ralfs

Teacher Bio

Favourite subject at school and why: My favourite subject is maths! I love it because it’s so important and I’m able to use what I’ve learned in everyday life.

Favourite children's book you have read: I love to read but my favourite children’s book has always been Room on the Brook by Julia Donaldson.

What topics are you looking forward to teaching next year: I look forward to teaching every subject but especially science as I find it very interesting!

Any other info:  I’m really excited to teach Year 1 next year and I can’t wait to learn about everyone’s interests and hobbies.

Fact File

Name: Ladybird

About: Among the best-known and most well-loved beetles, ladybirds (also known as ladybugs) are easy to recognise. The most familiar have bright red elytra (wing cases) with black spots, while other common species such as black and yellow ladybirds, white and brown ladybirds, or even striped ladybirds.

Food: Adult ladybirds and larvae feed on aphids and small insects.

Habitat: Ladybirds can be seen throughout the garden. Also in parks, meadows and woods.