Your teacher is: Mr Elkin
Email: year2@belmore.school

Teacher Bio

Favourite subject at school and why: My favourite subject to teach is geography. Geography teaches us different places, the relationships between people and the environment. It always fascinates me how massive the world is on our tiny planet.

Favourite children's book you have read: My favourite children's book is The Gruffalo.

What topics are you looking forward to teaching next year:  Next year, I am looking forward to teaching who the most significant monarch was in British history.

Any other info:  I am looking forward to teaching Year 2 next year.

Fact File

Name: Hedgehog

Scientific Name: Erinaceus europaeus

Description: 22-28cm long, covered on their back by around 6000 banded spines; face and underside with coarse greyish brown fur.

Habitat: Wide range of habitats, in both urban and rural situations. Absent from large conifer plantations, marshes & moorlands. Suburban and urban gardens increasingly important.