Guidance on Celebrating Birthdays

Celebrating Birthdays at Belmore

  • Children can celebrate their birthday by wearing their own clothes for the day.
  • Due to H&S risks we will not be able to give out cakes/sweets or party favours/bags. 

As you may know we like to support and encourage the children to celebrate their birthdays when they fall on school days however as you know we have become a Nut Free School and have taken this step to ensure we can remain as safe an environment as possible for our children who have allergies. We are also a healthy school and actively seek to promote healthy lifestyles.

We are asking that from Monday 16 January parents/carers do not send cakes/sweets into classes with your children on their birthday as this does impact on our ability to remain a Nut Free/Healthy school as often many of the items sent in are unsuitable for sharing with all of our children.

However, we would still like children to have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays and if parents would like to do so we are encouraging you to send them in in their own clothes to celebrate the day and make them still feel a little special on their birthday.

At this time if we still receive cakes/sweets these will be handed back to the parent at the door if possible if not they will be taken to the office where parents can collect them at the end of the day.

Thank you all for your continued support.