The content of Geography taught at Belmore is in line with the National Curriculum and works on developing children’s geographical skills. These skills are progressive throughout the school so that children can build on pervious skills taught. The areas of Geography that are taught are: Geographical skills and field work, Locational language, Human and Physical geography, Place knowledge.

At the start of each project, children are given an opportunity to investigate a ‘big questions about the world and answer their own queries through practical opportunities of discovery. Children will explore this in depth throughout their project and use the knowledge and skills they have acquired to deepen their geographical understanding.

At Belmore, the purpose of Geography is to give pupils the opportunities to make sense of their surroundings and to gain an understanding of the natural and human world in which we live. Children will recognise the issues relating to the use of land and the impact humans have on the natural world making comparisons between the home region and other parts of the UK and beyond

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