Belmore Primary Academy


At Belmore we provide a broad curriculum in order to build a better future for all through the transformational power of education & learning. Our pupils have meaningful opportunities to acquire new knowledge, and develop their skills and understanding through a language rich curriculum with vocabulary at its heart.

At Belmore our children read widely, often and to know the love of a good book. Reading and high quality texts underpin all subjects and the importance of reading is celebrated so.

The core values behind the design of our curriculum are for our children to be:

  • Kind, respectful and work together
  • Resilient and learn from their mistakes
  • Ready and prepared to work
  • Active in mind and body
  • Aspire to be the best they can be

Through these key principles, children build their self-esteem and understand the importance of making a positive contribution to their own lives, the lives of others and to the world we live in through their personal development.

Children and their teachers are not afraid to explore difficult questions; they engage with each other and are open to changing their own and others minds on a wide range of topics. Children develop as knowledgeable, ethical, resilient and adaptable learners who can think differently, manage information and understand the importance of making a positive contribution to their own and wider society.

Learning is inspired and our pupils enjoy learning through a wide range of topics. It is vital that our children experience a wide range of topics, opportunities and experiences and that school actively promotes healthy lifestyles as it is more often the case that their further experiences outside of the classroom are capped through wider socio-economic factors.  Our children require knowledge and skills for futures that can’t yet be imagined. We have designed a curriculum that will help them build a better future for all and celebrate in the transformational power of education and learning.

Our curriculum is built on five core principles:

Curriculum aims HOW will this impact on our children now and in their future?

All children can read by end of KS1

Reading is the gateway to all other learning. The curriculum in KS1 will have a focus on reading, writing and maths because we recognise that children cannot access the more intense KS2 curriculum and beyond without a good working knowledge and understanding in these areas.


The teaching of an expansive relevant Vocabulary

The students of Belmore converse confidently with a range of audiences in a variety of academic and social contexts. Children are equipped with a rich, diverse vocabulary that helps to unlock their ability to express their ideas in different contexts and lays the foundations for future academic and vocational success.

The teaching of subject specific Disciplinary Knowledge

Children are resilient and are able to transfer their knowledge to new experiences and contexts to achieve the best outcome. When faced with a new problem or situation, they make connections, manipulate knowledge, draw on their experience and apply a range of creative and practical strategies and applications to solve it.

The teaching of Substantive Knowledge

Children are able to make sense of new learning by drawing on prior knowledge and making connections. Thus, they have the ability to converse and study at high academic levels now, in their next stage of academic development and in their future

The teaching of Belmore and British Values

Children have a strong sense of identity and unity across our school and in their wider community. Children will be equipped to make decisions that reduce personal risk particularly in a growing world of uncertainty. Children, as responsible citizens of Modern Britain, will make informed choices that respect and protect themselves, society, the planet and their global futures.