Children's Mental Health Week 'Let's Connect'

Monday 6 February - Monday 13 February

The children will be doing some special activities during this week to help children keep mentally well, using resources provided to us by Coram Life Education SCARF and on Friday 10th of February, to mark the end of this week, we’ll be holding a special Wear your Scarf to School day

On Wear your SCARF to school Day children are invited to wear a special or favourite scarf all day in school. We’ll be doing some special activities to help us remember and celebrate SCARF’s important values of Safety, Caring Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. 

Parent Workshop/Information

Mrs Morgan (Pastoral Manager) is also arranging some workshops. Click on the link to let her know if you would like to attend a workshop and/or receive information regarding how they can support their child's mental well-being.