First Aid/St John's Ambulance Workshop

With only 12 days left until the end of term - learning is still first and foremost in Belmore. We were delighted to have the amazing opportunity of welcoming Caroline from St. John's Ambulance in Hayes, who gave Year 5 and Year 6 children a workshop on first aid. We know how to deal with a casualty in a calamity, apply bandages to stop bleeding, who to call AND the correct way to use CPR. Caroline was knowledgeable,  engaging and delivered potentially life-saving advice. If you attend a festival, sports event or somewhere with a large crowd, look out for the green uniforms and be thankful so many people volunteer to keep you safe!

This session was not just very helpful - it is essential! Now I feel confident to call 999 and how to keep someone safe until the paramedics arrive.
(Rakeb, Anderson)

This was beyond helpful! This is definitely a lesson everyone should learn for the future, just in case you find yourself in an emergency situation!
(Marwa, Berners-Lee)

This was very engaging and fascinating! CPR, defibrillators, shock... This wasn't just really interesting, it was also really valuable!
(Samuel, Anderson)

I was blown away. This workshop was very educational and gave us the confidence to help people in their moment of need. Everyone hopes they will never have to use this knowledge, but it was fabulous to learn this valuable, somber life lesson in a fun, safe environment.
(Rajat, Berners-Lee)

I really enjoyed it because I have now learnt how to help someone when they are choking.
(Olivia, Attenborough)

I really enjoyed it because Caroline showed us how to do CPR. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It's when someone gives chest compressions to a person in cardiac arrest to keep them alive. 
(Akkshi, Attenborough)