On the Right Road

Today, the Wizard Theatre Company visited Year 2 children and delivered a play about the different ways children can make their journey to school. The actors were hilarious, and we even had a workshop and quiz with a famous presenter named Wavy Davy (who isn't really famous!).

We learnt some interesting information today. For instance, it's not illegal to ride a bike without a helmet, but it is illegal if the bike doesn't have front and back brakes. Furthermore, we learnt that it's not allowed for anyone to stand on the top deck of the bus, among many other fun facts.

After the play, the workshop focused on children's personal school journey and addressed potential hazards while delivering essential safety messages about road safety. Our teacher, Mrs Dallas, was pleased with our performance during the quiz, as we remembered all the facts about crossing the road from our pedestrian training. The actors were also impressed. 

We would like to thank Mr Chamberlain for organising the visit.

Here is what our pupils had to say about the visit:

"I liked the quiz which was really nice"
Tanvi - Rabbit class

"I liked the team work on the carpet"
Aisha - Rabbit class

"I found it so fun and very funny and engaging"
Zoya - Hedgehog class 

"I found it so funny and I learnt lots of interesting facts"
Noar - Hedgehog class 

"I loved it and found the quiz very interesting and loved joining in"
Riley - Hedgehog class