Year 6 Safety and Citizenship Pre-transition Presentation

On Wednesday 27th March Year 6 took part in a  one-hour In-School Presentation (ISP) to educate students about personal safety, respect, responsibility and awareness both on and around public transport run by Transport for London. It covered the different forms of public transport and addresses all key aspects of the KS2 Citizenship curriculum. The presentation informed, challenged and reinforced the knowledge of Year 6 students as they become increasingly independent ready for secondary school. 

Here is what our pupils had to say:

"It was really interesting! I learnt where to stand getting on and off public transport and on an escalator."
Dion - Berners-Lee

"It was really important! We were shown how to travel safely AND who are safer adults on TFL."
Djhoer - Berners-Lee

"There were hard hitting messages, which were delivered in a fun way. The lessons were vital and could potentially save lives!"
James - Berner-Lee

"It was interesting and you got to see real life situations."
Simi - Attenborough

"It was very informative because there was lots of detailed information about being safe on the roads."
Sallar - Attenborough

"I think it was helpful because it will teach you how to be safe on the roads."
Yusra - Attenborough

“I learnt that you should stand the length of your height and a step back when waiting for a bus – this is the safest way.”

“The simplest way to avoid anything bad is to just say no.”