World Book Day & Special Author Visit

The children had a great time celebrating World Book Day this year. We decided to change things up and have reading announcements at different times throughout the day. Whenever the children heard these announcements, they stopped whatever they were doing and read a book.

To top it all off, on March 12th, we were lucky to have a real author, Tọlá Okogwu, come and visit children in Years 3 to 6. Tọlá is a best-selling and award-winning author of the Daddy Do My Hair Series, Aziza's Secret Fairy Door series, and the Onyeka series. Her books were inspired by her family and are created to celebrate and showcase the beauty of Afro-textured hair. Tọlá inspired us all to be storytellers, reminding us that we all possess the power to tell a good story inspired by the books we love to read. The visit ended with Tọlá signing copies of her books, which many of the children had purchased using their World Book Day book tokens. It was heartwarming to see how many children were excited to meet a real-life author and to use their tokens to buy her books.