Brentford FC Workshop

In the last week of an exceptionally busy half term, we had an amazing workshop delivered by Marcus Gayle and Bevan Vincent from Brentford FC. The focus was on equality and diversity and was very thought provoking. We had time to reflect on how we put this in practice in our everyday lives; both in and out of school. The pair were so friendly and down to earth, we felt comfortable discussing difficult topics and think about how we could resolve situations that arise. In fact our only complaint was that the time flew by so fast!

Don't take just my word for it - see what our Year 6 pupils thought:

"It was great to have such a serious topic talked about in a chatty, responsible way!"
Samuel Anderson

" I learned about the impact of discrimination and the importance of inclusion. I loved how we were able to talk through situations and offer advice."
Assiyah Anderson. 

"I thought the workshop was really informative in a fun and entertaining way. It was a great interactive learning experience. I REALLY hope they come back again and I get the experience in secondary school too!"
Abdullah Attenborough

"I loved it because I learned about the hard times people have gone through, just to get to where we are now. It was insightful, seeing things from another perspective."
Sindy Attenborough.

"It was really fun and active. I loved using the hand gestures. Lots of people have come in and delivered workshops, but none of them were as good as these guys!"
Kelcie Attenborough

"I loved the workshop, especially when the boys were shown why girls should be allowed and welcomed to play football."
Maci Berners-Lee

"I think they were amazing - they made us realise that everyone should be included and involved. There are no limits or boundaries! The gentleman were teaching us about tough subjects, but in a gentle way."
Yanis Berner-Lee