Year 6 RAF Bunker Visit

This half term Year 6 have been learning about World War Two. We have focused on what part the bunker at RAF Uxbridge played in the Battle of Britain. And what better way to learn than to visit the place where it all happened? On our trip, we were told about the brave men and women who worked at the bunker. As the location of No. 11 Group RAF's Operations Room, The Battle of Britain Bunker was invaluable in defending Britain's airspace. We travelled back in time, descending into the bunker itself and exploring the visitor centre to understand what pivotal decisions were made to prevent Operation Sea Lion. Without these momentous contributions, we would be living in a very different world today.

Noah (Attenborough) - My favourite part was inside the bunker because it was fun to see all the stuff and what happened in the war. 

Sindy (Attenborough) -This trip was very exciting and told us lots of interesting facts about how World War II started and how the Battle of Britain took place. 

Gabi (Anderson) - My experience today was awesome! It really gave me an image of WW2. I find it interesting to learn what used to happen in the bunker and don't want it to happen again. I learnt that back then, dresses were made out of left-over parachutes because there was a ration on fabric.

Olivia ( Attenborough) - I think the trip to the bunker was fun because we got to exp0lore different artefacts from that period of time.

Kaif (Attenborough) - My favourite part of the museum because of all the guns, tanks, equipment that we could see close up. 

Rhomel (Attenborough) - The best bit was when we got to see the p[lotting table (where Winston Churchill stood) as the Battle of Britain began.

Isla (Attenborough) - I liked the part where we got to listen to phones warning  of air raids and the damage caused and trying on the RAF uniforms.