Year 5 & Year 6 STEM Workshop

This week, some Year 5 and Year 6 children were selected to take part in a STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) workshop run by Brentford FC. The aim of the workshop was to encourage children to aspire towards a future career in science, engineering and sustainability. The children took part in a number of practical and hands-on activities which involved a lot of team work and even got the chance to have a Q&A session with 2 chemical engineers, who work for a company called Worley. It was a great experience for all!  

“The workshop opened my eyes to more STEM related jobs I can take on in the future” – Rakeb  

“Be a doer, not a viewer! Which means to take part in things and not just watch” – Sindy  

“I enjoyed this event as it was practical because we had to use our hands A LOT! Kind of stressful because we had to complete the challenge under a timer and entertaining because we all enjoyed it! I hope we can do it again next year” – Emily