Year 4 Visit the British Museum

Year 4 were able to bring our history lessons to life,  with an exciting excursion to the British Museum! There was so much excitement as we put on our high-vis vests and headed to the train. All of us were impeccably behaved on the platform, the train and the short walk to the museum.

There were so many rooms full breathtaking artefacts, but our focus was Ancient Egypt. We saw towering statues, sarcophaguses,  jewellery and many more remnants of the fascinating civilisation; some of which were over 4000 years old! Although we had thoroughly enjoyed our history unit, nothing could compare to actually seeing the ancient, well preserved exhibits in front of our eyes! Our teachers are very proud of our behaviour and how well we represented Belmore and are grateful to the wonderful parents, friends and staff who accompanied us, without whom, the trip wouldn't have been possible. It was an incredibly special day!