Year 1 Curriculum Update

In our last term, all of Year 1 took their Phonics Screening Check and children tried very hard to do their best. Well done to all who passed this year.  Children who missed the pass mark of 32 will have a chance to re-take it next year.

In History this term we have been learning about the Wright Brothers.  We learnt about how they became famous inventors of the aeroplane. We also sequenced major developments in flight over time.

For Writing we read the book Last Stop On Market Street by Mat de la Pena. We will be completing a narrative based on this book, using all the writing skills we have learnt this year.  We enjoyed a short bus ride on the E9 to the playing fields to help us experience the sights and sounds of travelling on a bus to help us with our writing.

We also met our new teachers on Transition Day and are looking forward to all the new learning we will receive in Year 2 next year.