Year 3 Visit to Hyde Park

On Tuesday 11th July Year 3 visited Hyde Park to celebrate and congratulate all their hard work this year. During our visit, we enjoyed a picnic lunch, played, explored, dashed about, and let imaginations soar in the playground and explored the gardens.

The whole year group were very well-behaved throughout, and we would like to say thank you to all those adults who accompanied us on the trip. 

Here are some quotes from our children:

My favourite part was travelling on the bus and train because it was just relaxing! Charlie

I really enjoyed climbing aboard the ship in the playground and the sand. Pranish

I liked the playground which was full of sand because we got to play in it. Flavia

 I liked the playground because I enjoyed climbing to the top of the mast and having a good view of everyone. Callum

I liked the swings and the roundabout because I was very very fast swinging and turning on the roundabout. Kiki

I liked when I went inside the ship because there was a secret place to hide in. Maria K