Mental Health Awareness Week

On Mental Health Awareness Week, staff raised awareness of anxiety by encouraging students to wear green as a show of support. 

Encouraging students to wear green offered an excellent opportunity to initiate meaningful discussions about anxiety. Teachers conducted age-appropriate classroom activities to educate students about anxiety, its impact, and coping mechanisms. This approach enabled children to develop empathy, understanding, and inclusively. 

Art served as a powerful medium for self-expression and emotional release. Teachers encourage students to create artwork or participate in creative activities that explore the theme of anxiety. This helped them externalise their emotions, promote self-reflection, and foster a sense of empowerment.

By creating awareness about anxiety, we empowered students to recognise its signs, offer support, and foster a compassionate school community.

You can also visit What is Anxiety? | Symptoms of Anxiety & Getting Help | YoungMinds for further information.                 

Support for parent/carers anxiety can be found here Anxiety and panic attacks - Mind