Year 6 Residential Trip to Butlins

Year 6 are enjoying the sun in Butlins. Watch this space for daily updates!

Monday 21 May: 

We have arrived at Butlins and the sun is shining! We are on our way to Burger King and then we are going to the beach!

Tuesday 22 May: 

This morning we have been to the beach. We dug holes, made sandcastles, we buried each other and played football. Everyone is having a great time in the sunshine! We are now off to archery.

Wednesday 23 May:

This morning we learnt the Hakka in our Dance Workshop and then we made bath bombs and completed lots of science activities! We are now off to the funfair.

Thursday 24 May:

This morning we went to the Silent Cinema and we played in the arcades. This afternoon we are going to Circus Skills and to a Magic Workshop.
In the evening we danced the night away at the disco!

Friday 25 May:

We are on our way home!