Professor Chris

Year 1 and Year 2 had an exciting day full of fascinating science experiments carried out by Professor Bubbleworks. 

''We had lots of fun yesterday. Our favourite bits of the science day were; when the scientist talked through a megaphone and it was really loud, when we got to touch the plasma ball and the scientist lit up a light bulb with it, and when we felt the pink slime.'' - Year 1

"We learnt a lot about different energy like electricity. My favourite part of the assembly was when Mr Chamberlain was inside the big bubble"  - Junel, Squirrel Class

"I learnt that a circuit lights up a bulb, when I placed my hands on 2 ends of a light tube it lit up and when I let one hand go the light turned off because the circuit was broken. My favourite part was touching the slime because it was cold and felt like rubber" - Anureet, Hedgehog Class

"We learnt that electricity can go through our body and down to the ground. My favourite part was touching the plasma ball because the electric light followed my finger" Eman, Rabbit Class