Belmore Primary Academy

Pupil Community

At Belmore our pupils are given opportunities to represent their fellow pupils and our school in a variety of ways.

House Captains 

Members of Year 6 are selected in September and given responsibilities in key events throughout the year to motivate and drive their team to success such as Sports Day.


Members of Year 6 apply for specific prefect roles in September. Once selected, they undergo a training programme which builds on key leadership roles/skills which they then use in specific jobs i.e.

  • Logistic prefects – distributing letters and other documents from the office
  • Reading Prefects – liaising with our Reading coordinator around whole school reading projects; reading to and reading with Reception children during their lunch hour
  • Sports club prefects – organising and leading sports activities during lunch times and Friday afternoon club time

Sports Leaders

Members of Year 6 are selected by the PE Coordinator to promote and encourage sport within the school. These children have a key role in helping to organise and coordinate different sport ventures and fund raising events as well as represent the school at a range of sport events such as Football and Cross Country.

Pupil Learning Community Representatives and Pupil Ambassadors  

Belmore has a Pupil Learning Community which is group of pupils who are chosen by their class teachers from each class from Year 2 to Year 6. These children are selected by their class to act as representatives and be the voice of the students. They sit on the community group for a term and this group is changed three times a year. They attend regular meetings with the Head boy, Head girl and the Pupil Learning Community mentor. During these meetings they are set with a clear agenda highlighting school issues.  

So far the pupils have led a project around creating, planning and designing a new trim trail for the school and leading the whole school towards becoming an eco-friendly school.