Ofsted Report

The ‘good quality education’ that Belmore provides for all children was recognised by the team of inspectors who visited the school on 22 May 2018.  In their report they spoke about how proud pupils are of their school and how they ‘genuinely enjoy the experience of learning’.

Inspectors praised us on how we keep your children safe and for the ‘engaging and positive learning environment’ we have created.

Maths teaching has long been a real strength at Belmore.  Our results in Maths are exceptional, putting us in the top 5% of schools in the country.  The outstanding quality of Maths teaching across all year groups was recognised by the Ofsted team.  They found that staff have ‘consistently high expectations’ of pupils in Maths and they are routinely challenged to master mathematical skills.  They described pupils as ‘keen and enthusiastic problem-solvers’ in Maths.  Importantly the team came to the clear conclusion that our current outstanding achievement in Maths is going to continue into the future

Phonics is another area where we have regularly achieved incredible results, with 98% achieving the expected standard last year.  As a result, younger children at Belmore ‘read with growing fluency and confidence’ according to the inspectors.  This gives them a solid start in reading that leads them on to greater success in later years.



On Thursday 5 November we had a virtual ‘visit’ from Ofsted. It was not an inspection but just part of their programme for checking in with schools about how things have gone since schools reopened in September. We were able to share with them how well children and staff have adapted to the new ways of working, the strategies we have put in place to plug gaps in children’s learning, how positive children’s attitudes have been and how supportive you have been in getting children back to school. We shared some of our frustrations with them about the constant changes to the guidance and how late these changes are often announced.

A copy of the follow-up letter from the team can be found here