Belmore provides a high-quality history education that will help pupils gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. The curriculum incorporates a wide range of themes including hierarchy and power, early civilisations, significant events and people, and changes over time. Through these key themes children are not only able to develop their historical knowledge but also explore methods of historical enquiry.

At the start of each project, children are given an opportunity to investigate a ‘big questions’ about the past and answer their own queries through practical opportunities of discovery. Children will explore this in depth throughout their project and use the knowledge and skills they have acquired to deepen their historical understanding.

At Belmore, the purpose of History is to encourage children to develop excitement and curiosity about historical events and periods from the past. Children will recognise the power of rational explanation and use their reasoning to explain historical events and the impact they have on life today. Ultimately, this will enable the children to make interpretations of History through historical enquiry and deepen their historical knowledge.

Useful History links:

  1. Horrible Histories YouTube Channel
  2. British Museum website
  3. National Geographic History page
  4. BBC Bitesized KS1
  5. BBC Bitesize KS2