Computing has become a part of everyday life and without a doubt will play a huge part in our children’s future. The aim of Belmore’s Computing curriculum is to educate pupils to develop their computational thinking in a fast developing, ever changing technological world.

In our curriculum we aim to provide children with real life experiences in Computing, building on their skills and knowledge. Children will have gained key knowledge and skills in the three main areas of the computing curriculum: computer science (programming and understanding how digital systems work), information technology (using computer systems to store, retrieve and send information) and digital literacy (evaluating digital content and using technology safely and respectfully).

The aim of our Computing curriculum is to educate children around the importance of online safety and etiquette when using technology in the digital world as members of a wider global community and as responsible digital citizens. The curriculum aims to enable pupils to be digitally literate, which means pupils are educated to communicate and share information and knowledge through technology. Giving our pupils opportunities to present and demonstrate their knowledge on different subjects through a range of digital platforms will enable them to use their Computing skills efficiently resulting in a range of different communications and be active participants in a digital world.

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