Year 5 Active Travel Workshop

On March 4th 10 Year 5 pupils took part in a project aimed at increasing walking and ‘park and walk’ in the borough. They were supported by a dedicated workshop leader to promote the map and walk zone at our school.

They were introduced to air quality concepts and learnt about the health benefits of walking / exercise. Using the map to walk in the local area, they carried out some on-street work around pollution levels and looked at the benefits of physical exercise.

They also had the opportunity to work with the TFL leader to plan a re-launch of the walking zone at our school via an assembly and / or a playground event.

Jordan: "It was a lot of fun and educational. We were able to test pollution levels around the school. We were shocked by some of the results!"

Emma: "We really enjoyed it. We learnt a lot about pollution that we didn't realise before the day."

Kapish:  "If you walk to school you brain will be more active."

Miral:  "Active Travel is so important . It is important because it saves the environment from air pollution and other stuff."

Maya: "We learnt that in 1952 there was lots of smog which is a type of fog and people wore masks to help them breathe clean air."