Year 6 Bikeability Week

Year 6 took part in Bikeability week - 26th February to 29th February. Bikeability is a cycle training programme designed to give pupils the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on the road.

Overall 30 Year 6 pupils took part. During this activity they learnt how to:

  1. Control and master their bike in an off-road environment
  2. Cycle on-road and deal with traffic on short journeys
  3. Tackle a wider variety of more challenging road and traffic conditions 

Here is what our pupils had to say:

I enjoyed cycling on the road and the best game was the slow race. I learnt primary and secondary modes. Primary means the middle of the road.
Jaidon (Attenborough) 

It was amazing and the instructors were really kind and helpful. 
Jhalakneer (Attenborough)

I learnt that secondary position is when you are 1m from the kerb.
Mansirat (Berners Lee)

Cycling was fun and we got more exercise than usual.
Aaron (Anderson) 

Cycling was great fun because we got to cycle on the road and we learnt about how to do a U turn.
Rares (Attenborough)

It was enjoyable because we learnt about primary and secondary modes in cycling.
Ayoub (Anderson)

Cycling was fun because we learnt how to ride on the road safely.
Dion (Berners Lee)