Belmore Primary Academy

School Performance

Results in Summer 2017 confirmed Belmore’s growing position as a high performing school. Children in all years did significantly better than the average of children nationally.

We continued our strong trend of improvement and we are arguably close to outstanding in terms of the outcomes achieved by children in all Key Stages.

In Early Years we once again exceeded the national average for children achieving a ‘Good Level of Development’ (the Government’s key measure for the achievement of children in the Reception year).

Year 1 achieved near perfect results in the national Phonics Test with 98% achieving the expected standard. 

Our end-of-KS1 outcomes improved across all three subjects areas (Reading, Writing and Maths).  Results went up over 10% in every subject and we were at or, in most cases, above national averages in all areas.

Year 6 SATs results were very strong.  89% achieved the expected standard in Maths, 88% in Writing and 75% in Reading.  In all 3 subjects our results were comfortably above the national averages.  In terms of progress Belmore was in the top 10% of schools in the country for Maths and over half of the year group (53%) reached the higher standard.  Every child in Year 6 last year can feel confident that they could not have been better prepared for starting secondary school thanks to the work of the Y6 team.

For information, and to compare Belmore Primary Academy's performance with all schools in England, please click on the link below.

The document below gives a comprehensive overview of how well our children achieved and how this compares nationally.