Belmore Primary Academy


Across Britain, schools are becoming more multicultural. Just over one million primary and secondary pupils spoke a first language other than English in 2012. On average, one in six primary school pupils in 2012 spoke another language at home. 

61.44% of the pupils in Belmore Primary Academy don’t speak English as their first language. These are some of the languages spoken by some of the pupils: Punjabi, Romanian, Somalian, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Pashto, Gujarati, Kurdish, Arabic, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish and many more (to be precise it is 35 languages!)

Being able to speak more than one language has numerous educational, social and economic benefits, particularly in an increasingly globalised world. We believe that learning another language makes pupils’ minds stronger and more flexible. For many parents of different cultures, it provides their child with a link to their family heritage.

All pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 have a French lesson every week, taught by a specialist French teacher. Lessons contain a combination of all of the four essential skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Most lessons include elements of phonics, grammar, songs and stories and role-play. As pupils progress throughout the year groups, the emphasis on written work develops, oral communication remains paramount. By exploring the way the French language works, pupils develop their knowledge and appreciation of languages in general. We hope that when pupils leave Belmore Primary Academy, they will be well-equipped to take on whichever foreign language they have the opportunity to learn at secondary school.

Resources for French Lessons Taught in School

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