Belmore Primary Academy


At Belmore we provide a broad and balanced curriculum in order to build a better future for all. Our high-quality curriculum offer harnesses the transformational power of education & learning. Our pupils have meaningful opportunities to acquire new knowledge, and develop their skills and understanding through a language rich curriculum with vocabulary at its heart.  

At Belmore our children read widely, often and to know the love of a good book. Reading and high-quality texts underpin all subjects and the importance of reading is celebrated.  

The core values that underpin our curriculum are for our children to be:  

  • Kind, respectful and work together  
  • Resilient and learn from their mistakes 

  • Ready and prepared to work 

  • Active in mind and body 

  • Aspire to be the best they can be 

Through these key principles, children build their self-esteem and understand the importance of making a positive contribution to their own lives, the lives of others and to the world we live in through their personal development. 

Children and their teachers are not afraid to explore difficult questions; they engage with each other and are open to changing their own and others minds on a wide range of topics. Children develop as knowledgeable, ethical, resilient and adaptable learners who can think differently, manage information and understand the importance of making a positive contribution to their own and wider society. Our children’s low starting points in Early Years combined with our high levels of EAL learners means we prioritise the development of children’s vocabulary and oracy from an early age.  

We actively promote healthy lifestyles throughout our curriculum to ensure our children have the knowledge and skills they need to ensure they have a healthy approach to diet and exercise.  

It is vital that our children experience a wide range of opportunities and experiences to support in overcoming barriers and access to experiences outside of the classroom. We ensure that children simultaneously widen their cultural horizons but also have opportunities to celebrate their own cultures. Our children require knowledge and skills for futures that can’t yet be imagined. We have designed a curriculum that will help them build a better future for all and celebrate in the transformational power of education and learning for the next steps in their life journey.