Belmore Primary Academy

September Return

Thursday 16 July. Click here for more information

All children in all year groups will be expected to return in September. It is not optional and all parents will need to send their children in to school each day. Your children have missed so much direct schooling and we have to begin the work now to start plugging the gaps in their learning and development. It is what our children need and deserve.

There is clear guidance on what schools need to do to get ready for the return of children. I hope that you can trust us that we will make sure that everything is in place that needs to be to ensure the school is as safe as it can be.

Subject to approval by the Trust Board we are planning for the following things to be in place for when children return:

  • Children will be placed in year group ‘bubbles’. This means that children will be taught mainly in their class groups but they will be able to mix with children in their year group. They will not be allowed to mix with children from other year groups at break or lunch time.
  • Inside classrooms, children will be mainly sitting in rows and not at tables facing each other. Adults will mainly be teaching from the front.
  • Everyone, children and adults, will be washing and sanitising their hands regularly throughout the day. A more frequent cleaning schedule will be in place across the school particularly in relation to frequently touched surfaces
  • Parents/carers will need to drop children off outside the classroom and will not be allowed to enter the school without an appointment
  • We will have new systems for dropping off and collecting children. For those parents whose children have been at school in the last few weeks, you will know how this works
  • To begin with we will not be able to run Breakfast Club or After School Care. We are looking at ways to get Breakfast Club safely up and running as quickly as possible because I know how vital a support it is to working parents
  • Children will need to wear full school uniform and can bring their own bags into school if they need to

We will be having different year groups start back on different days between Monday 7 September and Wednesday 9 September. We need to do this so that children and parents can safely get used to the different entrances, queuing systems, etc that we have to have in place because of Government guidance on social distancing:

  • Monday 7 September - Year 5 and Year 6 start

  • Tuesday 8 September - Year 3 and Year 1 start

  • Wednesday 9 September - Year 2 and Year 4 start

We will text you to let you know when the website has been updated with the details about times and new entrance/exit routes for different year groups.

On Friday 4 September we also hope to give children and parents a brief opportunity to see where their new classroom will be, to meet their new teacher, to practice the new dropping off systems and also to purchase uniform. Again, details will be on the website soon.

Our priority at Belmore is to get children into a normal routine as quickly as possible. Many will be unsure and even anxious about coming back to school and we will be spending a lot of time with them when they come back talking through and trying to ease any concerns they may have.

I look forward to seeing you all again in September. In the meantime, I hope you all have a safe, restful and relaxing Summer holiday.

Check the website again towards the end of the holiday for updates and more details about the specific arrangements for the reopening of Belmore.

Take care

Paul Bateman