Belmore Primary Academy

Year 2 - The Great Fire of London Workshop

Today Year 2 had a workshop introducing us to our new topic of The Great Fire of London.
In our workshops we did some acting, some drama where we were acting like the fire spreading through London and we learnt loads about the Great Fire of London. Including where it started, who the main people involved were and how the fire spread.

We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed the workshop.
Here are some of our thoughts:

Zac - I liked the part when we were acting out the story of the Great Fire of London because it was really fun

Ilinca - My favourite part was when we went back in time because I heard lots of different noises about the fire

Eman - I enjoyed the part when the man was reading us Samuel Pepys diary because he was using funny voices and noises to keep us interested

Kacper - I liked the ending when the fire stopped burning because lots of people had died and nobody else died