Belmore Primary Academy

Year 5 Trip to France

Our Year 5 children have started their journey to France this morning.  Watch this space for daily updates!

Monday 15 October

We are on our way after being caught in a lot of traffic. We are nearly at Folkestone.

Goodbye London, Hello France. We are now getting a ferry to France as we missed our Eurostar crossing. We have been playing games and singing songs and everyone is having a great time!

We have arrived in France. The sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky, it is 21 degrees.

Tuesday 16 October

Having a great day in Disneyland Paris!

We have been on a lot of rides and this evening we are going to see the parade. Having fun fun fun in the sun sun sun!

After our busy day at Disneyland we needed some refuelling! After a delicious dinner at the chateaux, we had the exciting opportunity to create some crêpes (French pancakes). We were kitted out with all the ingredients we needed and our very own chef hat! Each table mixed their own batter, although we had to listen very carefully as the PGL leaders would tell us what to add next in French! After that we were able to show our culinary (and creative!) skills by decorating our crêpe with a variety of toppings including sugar, honey, oranges and chocolate sauce. We used up our energy in the games room and then went to bed ready for our next adventure tomorrow.

Wednesday 17 October

We woke up bright and early on our last day ready to depart. After our breakfast we headed to the Chocolat de Beussent Lachelle chocolate factory where we were in awe at the white, milk and dark chocolate being made and even had the opportunity to have a taste of the chocolate after being made and before any sugar is added... which some of us found very bitter!