Belmore Primary Academy

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  • Trim Trail

    Published 18/09/18

    Belmore's new Trim Trail has been a great hit with children and a fun start to the year. Children can benefit from physical activity which is proven to enhance physical health, boost mental wellbeing, build resilience, lift academic achievement and create active habits for life.

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  • Playground Floor Markings

    Published 14/09/18

    Thermmark have done a fantastic job at transforming Belmore’s playground into a very vibrant and exciting space for children to play and develop their skills as well as encourage social interaction.

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  • Nursery Graduation Day

    Published 12/07/18

    All parents were invited to celebrate with the nursery children for an end of the year special Graduation on 12 July before the children start full time school. The graduates bravely went on stage, were presented with a graduation hat and a beautiful individual learning journey book which included many pieces of work and pictures. The event ended with cakes, drinks and time with teachers.

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  • A Visit from Zoolab

    Published 11/07/18

    Reception had a visit from Zoolab. Lucy brought in a range of lovely Minibeasts for us to meet. We met George the giant snail, Charlie the hissing cockroach, Matilda the millipede, Ivy the tarantula, Harley the corn snake and Nobert the leopard Gecko. We held them, stroked them or waved hello to them. We had lots of fun! 

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  • Year 2 Trip to Windsor Castle

    Published 10/07/18

    During our final term in Year 2 we learnt all about ‘Castles’ and were very excited to go and visit a real castle called ‘Windsor Castle’ especially as there had been a VERY famous wedding there recently!

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  • Belmore's Summer Fair

    Published 06/07/18

    We would like to thank everyone who came and supported the school at our Summer Fair, it was wonderful to see so many of you there.  

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  • Year 5 & Year 6 Sports Day

    Published 05/07/18

    Year 5 and Year 6 were grouped into House Teams and had a spectacular day competing against each other to win points for their House. Once all Year Groups have completed their Sports Day the points will be added and the winning House revealed.


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  • Belmore's Got Talent

    Published 29/06/18

    To show case some of the talent we have in Belmore, Ms Harvey organised the Belmore's Got Talent Event which ran for 2 weeks.

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  • Reception Sports Day

    Published 28/06/18

    Reception had great fun competing against each other in the events organised by Mr Berry on Sports day. These included the javelin, bean bag throwing, running and the ever tricky sack race. 

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  • Year 6 Bowling Trip

    Published 27/06/18

    The Year 6 reward trip to bowling is well underway!

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  • An Afternoon at Barnhill

    Published 27/06/18

    Class 5S had a great afternoon at Barnhill in the Science lab with Miss Begum (science teacher).

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  • Garden Club Update

    Published 26/06/18

    Belmore's Garden has flourished. Garden Club children have been very busy with maintaining and harvesting the school garden. 

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